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how to enter awkward conversations: 

a comprehensive guide 


by kennedy clark
  • One of my many English teachers presented writing as a conversation. Whenever we open our mouths to speak, or a word document to type, or a book to read, we are entering a conversation. Literally and figuratively. These conversations, have roots in the past, and possess the potential to extend into the future. They cover anything, their range is vast. 



conversations: a prologue
  • Within this range there are awkward conversations. These subjects make us uncomfortable. they cause us to avert our eyes, blush, or turn a blind eye. They cause us to become flustered, or anxious. To feel hurt, or vulnerable.


  • I am a black woman, socialized in a white world, who is renegotiating her blackness within a community of 1,800 black students at the University of Michigan. This renegotiation is really awkward. But it compelled me to bring my peers into a conversation about race.  A conversation that I have been forced to have since I was born. This site is centered around awkward cross-cultural conversations about race. It seeks to provide its a guide that demonstrates different ways to enter these conversations.


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